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Our welders are qualified, and have the proper certificates, which allows them to perform all kinds of highly demanding welding.
Metal structures
We carry out the manufacture and installation of complex metal structures and all kinds of metal work on metal structures.
Oil and gas industry
Working in the oil and gas industry requires safety measures and a level of skills which not everyone can provide. Hazardous materials are handled and this requires training and experience.
Industrial maintenance
The manufacturing process produces daily incidents that can potentially paralyze production.
About our company

About Contratas Metalúrgicas

We are industrial specialists in the metal fabrication and welding field, with a track record in the Port of La Luz in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria since 1974.

Our company employs 50 experienced and highly qualified professionals. We are quality certified and our personnel have officially recognized qualifications in different welding procedures, which allow us to work for the most demanding customers.

Commitment to continuous improvement.

What moves us

Mission, Vision and Core Values
Our goal is to offer quality services, at competitive prices while strictly adhering to the set deadlines. Additionally, this should be provided while sticking to our “Zero Accident” and full “Health and Safety” policy.
Our Competitive Advantage

Why trust us

We are a workshop specialized in the naval industry that strives to offer a quality service in medium and light boilermaking, trying to build customer loyalty with a high standard of quality and special care for details and service.

Complete Workshop
We have a complete workshop and equipment with a good technological content, which allows us to provide service with guarantees both at the client's facilities and at our own facilities in Puerto de La Luz.
Commitment to quality and safety
Our commitment to quality and safety is strong and clear, complying with a demanding regulation that imposes controls from the search for suppliers and supplies to the monitoring of the sale made and customer satisfaction.
Professional specialists
Contratas Metalúrgicas has a staff of qualified employees with experience in metalworking, technical profiles and engineering. With experience in shipbuilding and industrial maintenance.



Contratas Metalúrgicas

Fabricación y montaje de tapa abatible

Fabricación y montaje de una tapa abatible con mecanismo para articulación de una tapa de jacuzzi por medios eléctricos, quedando la misma oculta cuando permanezca cerrada. Tapa del jacuzzi fabricada con perfiles de acero inoxidable 316L. Diseño en nuestras instalaciones en colaboración con el cliente. Terminada mediante perfiles de madera iguales a los del resto del pavimento.

Contratas Metalúrgicas

fabricación estructura metálica plataforma petrolífera

Fabricación bajo planos de una estructura para su montaje en plataforma petrolífera. Se trata de una estructura para mangueras, situada en el costado de la plataforma.

Contratas Metalúrgicas

Reparación casco de barco

Reparación casco de barco. Trabajos de soldadura en altura para el buque Everest, en el Puerto de La Luz.

Contratas Metalúrgicas

Soldadura para reparación de embarcaciones

Soldadura para reparación de embarcaciones y mantenimiento naval.

Contratas Metalúrgicas

Líneas de tuberías de combustible

Fabricación e instalación de líneas de tuberías de combustible y dobladeros para Petrologis. 

Contratas Metalúrgicas

Rehaul de portaspreader

Rehaul de portaspreader de OPSA

Contratas Metalúrgicas

Reparación de embarcaciones

Reparación de embarcaciones en colaboración con el astillero Repnaval

Contratas Metalúrgicas

Fabricación e instalación de líneas de tuberías

Fabricación, instalación y montaje de líneas de tuberías de combustible para Aegean en el Puerto de La Luz de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Contratas Metalúrgicas

Rampas de acceso ferry

Reparación, montaje e instalación de las rampas de acceso al ferry Volcán de Tamasite, de Naviera Armas.


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